Things To Do Around Lima Ohio

I often hear that there’s nothing do in this little corner of Northwest Ohio but if you look there’s many opportunities! Let’s explore the options and discover “Bean Town”.

Parks In Lima

Haver Ridge Metro Park

Sunflower Field At Lauer Historical Park

Winter Hiking At Teddy Bear Park

Winter Deer At Teddy Bear Park

Spring Forest Floor At Ottawa Metro Park

These are just a few images from the wonderful parks found through the area. To find a full list visit the Johnny Appleseed Parks Page at

Downtown Lima Ohio

The downtown area of Lima offers different unique opportunities that vary on the season. Some of our favorites include the famous Kewpee restaurant, The Met, Meeting Place and new Vibe Coffeehouse. A comfortable environment and laid back setting welcomes you to all of these, along with delicious food or coffee

The Allen County Museum and Art Space Lima offer a great way to spend the afternoon. If you’re looking for a place for the kids Alter Ego Comics has a wide variety of comic books and more. Unfortunately, the night life doesn’t a whole lot in regards to choice but there are several bars or enjoy a walk through the area.

Downtown Lima, Ohio decorated in lights for Christmas.

Downtown Lima in black and white

Downtown Lima spring morning

If you spend enough time there are options of things to do feel free to add options if you think of any! Visit my site at for all of my images from the local area and across the country.

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